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Our exhaustive review of the medical and scientific literature shows a staggering growth in the number of publications over the past 145 years, in particular over the past 50 years there has been an average decade on decade growth of 81.5%

Professional conduct requires appropriate attribution and citation to authors and rights holders where information has been utilized in the creation of new publications or course delivery, Attribution or Plagiarism, which road will you choose?

Understanding your clients natural disposition can help you to personalize their service and increase satisfaction levels.

This detailed tutorial will help you to get the most out of your Member Listing in the business directory, you do not have to be a SEO genius just follow the advice in our tips & tricks which will help get your listing noticed.

Topical anaesthetics are sometimes used by service providers prior to minor cosmetic procedures that may otherwise cause the client/patient significant discomfort. This well researched article highlights the importance of using anaesthetics safely.

Your cosmetic tattoo hand piece could become contaminated with your client’s bodily fluids during a procedure and as most hand piece motors are not autoclavable it is important to disinfect your and to cover your hand piece to prevent cross infection