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Published: 12/02/2013

Abstract: Our Back-Link Logo feature helps to promote a members business and lift the profile of at the same time which in turn helps to promote all our Members.

by Site Manager operates on the basis of “Collaborative Marketing” our goal always is to provide innovative tools to our members to help make their marketing efforts more cost efficient.

Back-links are are well know way of increasing exposure for a website but our Back-Link Logo feature takes it to whole new level by integrating collaborative marketing into the mix which benefits both ends of the link instead of just one end as is the case with most backlinks.

Think of it like a backlink on steroids!

Our back-link feature helps to promote a members business and lift the profile of at the same time which in turn helps to promote all of our Members.

Question: What is a back-link?

Answer: It is hyperlink, some text or an image placed on one website that can be clicked to open another website.


Question: Exactly what do I get out of using the back-link feature?

Answer: You get the following;

• A Member Logo to add to your webpage, blog, or forum that reflects your Membership level at which provides customers more confidence in you because they will know instantly that you are part of a Global Membership for Cosmetic Tattoo that has a clearly defined code of ethics and conduct.


I am a Member of

• Once your backlink is validated your listing will show up in the “View all Listings” section with a highlighted title bar and your listing will have its priority ranking boosted (within your listing level). That means your listing will be more visible to site visitors and your listing is more likely to be seen and perhaps chosen by a site visitor looking for your services.

Question: How do I start using the back-link feature?

Answer: Using the back-link feature is easy just follow the steps below;

1) After creating a your listing in the directory log into your account and then click on the menu links from within your account management area.

Listings > Manage

2) You will them see you current listing as per the screen capture below;

Manage your listing

Click on the back-link icon on the right hand side next to the listing that you want to add a back-link from. The backlink icon is enlarged below so you can get a closer look at it.

Backlink Icon

3) After you click on the backlink icon a new window will open providing your customised backlink code as per the screen capture below.

Backlink Code Window

All you need to do is copy the backlink code and add it to a page on your website or blog.

You must not change the backlink code provided before adding it to your website or our system may not be able to validate the code on your site, but you can change the size of the member logo by changing the part that says -200.jpg to -175.jpg or -150.jpg or -125.jpg depending on what size member logo you would like on your website (200x200px, 175x175px, 150x150px or 125x125px). If you decide to edit the code to change the member logo be sure to do it carefully so that you don't cause an error, if you do get an error just go back and grab the original code again.

4) Then insert the url of the page that you put the backlink on into the field that says "Enter the URL of your site" and then click the Verify Button.

If the backlink is checked by our system and found to be active on your website then after a few seconds you will see the pop up message below.

Backlink Validated

Once the backlink has been validated scroll down the screen and click the "Yes Add Backlink" button as per below and that will link the backlink to your listing.

Add Backlink

Once your backlink has been validated and linked to your listing you can relax and enjoy the benefit of the increased exposure on and the benefit of having our logo on your website.

Regards from the Site Manager


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