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Published: 07/01/2013

Abstract: There has been an explosion in Group Marketing sites in the past 2-3 years and it does not look as if the phenomenon is going to die out any time soon. Everybody loves a good deal, but do group buying site really offer a good deal for businesses?

by Marketing Team

There has been a literal explosion in Group Marketing sites in the past 2-3 years and it does not look as if the phenomenon is going to die out any time soon.

Everybody loves a good deal, but do group buying site really offer a good deal for businesses?

The number of complaints from consumers about deals that they have purchased from group buying sites is rising alarmingly and some businesses have complained that they have been pressured by group buying sites to offer deals that they cannot sustain.

Daily deals sites are increasing in number but does the group buying marketing model honestly add to the long term health of a business?

At we have never been comfortable with the group buying marketing model, because of the potential for the following scenario;

  • A group buying site aggressively pressures a small business owner to offer a cut price deal at a loss.

  • The group buying site pressure the small business to offer more deals than they can realistically support with their existing resources.

  • The group buying site aggressively promotes the deal to consumers on the basis of a fantastic offer at a ridiculous price and sells hundreds of deals.

  • The group buying site takes between 20-80% of the sales revenue from the deal.

  • The business owner receives a tiny fraction of the amount that it costs them to actually provide the product or services to the deal customers, often the group buying site also retains a portion of the small business owners cut in case they need to provide a refund.

  • The business owner is swamped with new customers and struggles to cope.

  • The small business owner has a temptation to provide less than was promised in the deal offer to try and save money.

  • Customers feel ripped off due to what they perceive as poor service and receiving a deal that was less than was offered.

  • The customer complains about the business and the marketing exercise turns out to be a disaster for the small business.

Yes for some businesses in some circumstances a group buying offer might be useful marketing but if you think that the group buying marketing model is a good idea for your business then consider the very real risks mentioned above.

On the other hand offering a genuinely good deal to customers can be a fantastic way to bring in new customers and spread the word about your business, and if your marketing campaign is really successful then news about your business might even go viral.

If only you could offer a deal to customers at a price you can afford, without having to pay money to a group buying site, only offering the number of deals you can really manage. If so then you could offer a really good deal, make a profit, bring in new business and both you and the customer would be happy.

Sounds like a pipe dream, but that is exactly what you can do via's Deals facility.

Great Deals at

Below are some answers to Frequently Asked questions about our Deals.

How much does it cost me to offer a deal on

Answer: Nothing, not a single cent.

Do I need to have an Industry Membership to offer a Deal?

Answer: Yes of course only our Industry members can offer a deal.

What level of Industry Membership do I need to have to offer a Deal?

Answer: Any Industry Membership level can offer a deal including our free membership level.

Question: How do I create a deal?

Answer: You decide;

  • What you want to offer and the description of the offer including pictures etc

  • What kind of discount is being offered (fixed dollar or percentage)

  • How many deals you want to offer

  • The date the offer will commence and the date it will finish

  • What times of day to have the offer on the site (between set hours or 24 hours a day)

  • What the terms and conditions are

You log into your account create a new deal and insert the information above and once we approve the offer it goes live on the site.

Question: How does a customer take up a deal?

Answer: They click on the redeem link and log in and they are provided a Deal voucher with a unique voucher code

Are Deals integrated with the social media?

Answer: Yes, all deals have Facebook 'Like' and 'Send' buttons, customers can login using their Facebook ID and send the deal direct to their wall, there is also a Google+1 and Pin it Button on every deal.

If you create a great deal on it might even go viral.

Are there terms and conditions that an Industry Member has to comply with?

Answer: Yes, our sites standard Terms & Conditions apply, essentially the deal is yours and you are solely responsible for honouring any Deal that you offer and there is a madatory condition within the deals suggested terms & conditions that must not be removed.

Does pressure Industry Members to make any specific number of Deals available to customers?

Answer: No never, we encourage our Industry Members to think carefully about how many Deals they can comfortably support without placing their business under stress, that decision is entirely yours not ours.

How many deals can I have on offer at a time?

Answer: Just one at a time for each Membership Directory Listing, free members can only have one Membership Directory Listing paid members can have as many Membership Directory Listing as they require and can have a separate deal for each one.

How often can I offer a Deal?

Answer: As many times as you want provided that you only have one deal running at a time for each Membership Directory Listing.

Does collect money from customers?

Answer: No we have no financial interest in the deal, we merely provide our members a very very advanced form of advertising. You create your own deal and when the customer obtains their deal voucher they contact you to arrange payment and for you to supply the product or service that you offered.

Question: So you honestly don't charge anything for providing such a great service?

Answer: No nothing at all, this is one of our free services to our members.


Question: How can you offer this kind of high tech service free?

Answer: We honestly believe that Collaborative Marketing works.

A Deal advertised on the site that is; good for our Industry Member who offered the deal, and good for our Public Members who take up the deal, is music to our ears. Good news travels fast and ultimately that is beneficial for all our members and beneficial for the health and vitality of

If you take out the middle man out of the equation then surely both the business and the customer can have a good chance of win-win from the offer and acceptance of a good honest Deal.



The Marketing Team

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