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Published: 07/02/2014

Abstract: has just had its first birthday and its time to review our performance.

by Marketing Team has just had its first birthday and the Marketing Team thought it was time to review the sites performance after the first 12 months of operation. We have had to upgrade our server resources twice in the last 12 months to cope with the number of visitors that we receive so we were already aware that the site is very popular.

The Education Team have worked very hard to produce educational articles that set the standard for the industry, and judging by the number of page hits that the Education Centre receives industry members are very keen on reading our articles.

Lets review some of the accomplishments that has achieved over the 12 months;

  • Steady Growth in Membership - we receive new visitor/industry registrations virtually every day.
  • Exponentially Growing Page Hits - particularly for site searches by visitors and our Articles Centre.
  • Regular Requests for Recommendations - The customer support team receive regular requests from industry members for recommendations about cosmetic tattoo equipment and supplies.
  • Daily Use of Our Client Pre-Treatment Screening Questionnaire - We know that some technicians are now routinely asking clients to complete the questionnaire prior to their appointment.
  • I am a Pink Provider - Click here to find 

out more! Ever expanding Pink Provider Program - our customer support team receives numerous enquiries from site visitors looking for a Pink Provider near to their location, if you are a Medical Tattooist and you are not already a Pink Provider then please make the commitment.
  • Regular requests to use our site logos - It seems that industry members are very keen to use the Member Logos and status badges on their own websites, so much so that we have created a tutorial on how to get our logo codes.
  • Requests for research tools - Many of our industry members now use as a source of research information and they requested an advanced deep site search facility, and the development team obliged the request.
  • The Education Team also recently introduced the Science Library to alert industry members to significant reports within the medical and scientific literature that are found when they are conducting research for our articles.
  • Leading Medical Experts - Quietly behind he scenes we have noticed steady growth in the number of medical experts who have become members of and they are reading our educational articles, after investigating their online profiles the Executive Group discovered that some of the doctors who have become members are recognised as the top clinicians in their respective field.

    It is understandable that some medical specialists and consultants might feel uncomfortable about creating a directory listing on a site that has the word 'tattoo' in the name, of course we are more than happy to have them as 'silent' members.

    What is noteworthy is that they recognise the quality of our research and articles and even they want to read them!
  • Requests from Science Journalists - We regularly receive requests from those wishing to use our site content for a commercial purpose and in most instances we inform the requesting party about our Educational Content - Intellectual Property & Copyright Policies but from time to time we also receive a request from the science journalists.
  • Wikipedia Reference Us - The wikipedia 'permanent makeup' page cites several references to expert information published on
  • Our Alexa Ranking Soars - Business owners often focus on rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing to assess the popularity of websites, but many of the expert web marketers believe that rankings one the first web traffic data tracking sites called Alexa are more reliable measure of which sites are relevant because of the way their data is collected.

    Some marketing gurus think that Alexa rankings are a way of excluding all the commercial noise and seeing which sites on the web really matter.

    In December 2012 there were estimated to be 634 million websites published on the internet and Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings, and other information on over 30 million top websites.

    How well is performing compared to long established sites?

    After just 12 months of producing information for the global industry, incredibly ranks in the very top websites globally.

    NB. Unlike many other sites, to-date we have not paid a cent for rankings, our rank is completely organic and largely due to the quality and popularity of our educational articles.

    Even though we are ranking very well compared to millions of other websites out there it is probably unfair to compare us to the likes of, because after all the Cosmetic Tattoo industry is quite a small niche industry compared to many of the giant industries out there.

    It is probably more reasonable to compare to the large established Cosmetic Tattoo associations, for example; (The Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) the domain has been on the web for about 18 years.
    & (The American Academy of Micropigmentation) the domain has been on the web for about 17 years.

    Below is a graph of the relative change in Alexa rankings for over the past 6 months as compared to two large well respected Cosmetic Tattoo associations.

We admit that even we were surprised!Changes to Alexa rankings over past 6 months

Overall not a bad effort for our first 12 months!