Example Deal - 50% Off

$50 50% OFF

Original Price: $100.00

Deals Left: 94

Deals Done:


Any member who has a site listing can add a Deal to their listing at any time, even members with free listings can add a deal.

Question: What is a deal?

Answer: a Deal is simply a special offer, a business owner might decide to offer a reduced price on a product or service or a percentage off to attract new customers. The business owner can decide exactly how may deals they want to offer how long the offer period is open for when the offer begins and finishes and even what times of the day the offer will be on our site.

Customers can take up the offer (redeem) without obligation and when they redeem the deal they will receive their own personal voucher to print and take to the business owner to show that they are entitled to the deal that was offered.

CosmeticTattoo.org does not charge the business owner or the customer anything for advertising and redeeming deals, this service is provided completely free!

You can test how redeeming a deal works on this example listing right now by;

1) Clicking on the button that says [Redeem and Share] to redeem via your facebook login.
2) Clicking on the link that says "Redeem without Facebook" and logging into or creating a user account to reddem the deal.

You can then print an example voucher to see exactly what a deal voucher looks like.

Each voucher has its own unique code, that way a business owner can quickly check if a voucher is valid.

Terms and Conditions

Standard Conditions (these can can be adjusted by the business owner as required):
There is a limit of 1 deal per person.
If you have not used your deal coupon code within 3 months it will expire.
Deal coupons with valid codes must be presented to the business owner in order to receive special offer.
The deal coupon cannot be redeemed for cash and may only be used once.
The deal cannot be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offers.

Mandatory Conditions (that apply to all deal listings):
The deal is a direct offer from the business concerned, CosmeticTattoo.org has no financial involvement in the offer and is unable to become involved in disputes between the customer and the business owner in relation to the deal or any services provided. Use of Deals facility is subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.